Monday, March 12, 2012

This Shit's Got to Stop Right the Fuck Now!

Birth control is a GOOD thing!
Over the last couple of weeks, Republicans have been driving me, and anyone else with a functioning vagina or penis, batshit fucking insane! I was content to mostly ignore this sudden rampage against women's access to birth control until someone I follow on Twitter referenced this article about New Hanover, NC county commissioners rejecting funds for local family planning services. Once this crap starts happening in my home state, I have to speak up.

Now, understand that I'm about to make my case in a perhaps inappropriate way, with details which you probably don't want to read, but I have to get this out into the open. I'm not sure exactly who Republicans think they are controlling, punishing, or otherwise dictating, but you would think that people who have fucked as many individuals who AREN'T their wives while still espousing "family values" would understand that women are made for more than just birthing babies! In fact, these despicable Randian Conservatives who "don't want to have to take care of" other people should love giving out free birth control on every street corner, as there would then be fewer people around to need taking care of.

Now, depending on the type of birth control, and to what amount a woman's insurance may or may not cover the birth control, a year's worth of birth control can cost as much as $1000 a year, not including the medical consultations required by the doctors who must act as gatekeepers for the birth control. If a woman is living on the edge, financially, this cost can be too much to bear. Even for a woman who is living a relatively comfortable middle-class life this expense can put a stress on her financial situation. The Conservative argument is that if they think they can't afford it then these women should keep their legs closed, as one of these brilliant luminaries recently suggested that women should use a Bayer aspirin as birth control by holding it between their knees!

I'm not sure where this hate of the poor and middle class began, but these shitheads (and I do not think there is a better term for anyone who would seek to control the sexuality and take away the freedom to fuck from other people, on the one hand, while claiming that higher taxes infringe on freedom and are equivalent to a Hitler or Stalin-esque dictatorship on the other) have already demonstrated their hatred of the poor by requiring drug testing, in states such as Florida, before a person can receive welfare or employment benefits, as though all the poor and middle class do is sit at home injecting heroin instead of being mindless cogs in the grinding wheels of Capitalism like good little American zombies. Now, apparently, the poor and middle class don't deserve to have the basic, some would say God-given, luxury of sexual pleasure, either!

Now to the inappropriate argument, and why this issue pisses me off, personally. I've referenced some of my sexual issues in the past, and among my boot fetish, my occasional interest in S&M-style rape fantasies, and my mommy/daddy issues, I sometimes enjoy fantasizing about getting a woman pregnant. I don't actually WANT to get a woman pregnant. I just like the FANTASY of getting her pregnant. During sex, I want a woman to beg me to impregnate her. I want to think of her as little more than a womb in need of being conquered. In reality, I can't imagine a woman actually wanting to birth my hell spawn, and since I can't financially take care of myself, I have no business trying to support a child. But, during sex, I like the fantasy that I own that woman's pussy, and that I am going to plant my seed inside of her like Neil Armstrong planted the American flag into the moon in order to claim it for the USA!

In order for this fantasy to remain a fantasy, and not become a nightmare for me, the woman, and the potential demon offspring, I have to fuck the woman bareback while also NOT getting her pregnant. In fact, I have rarely used condoms during my life for a variety of reasons including my impregnation fantasy. However, this leaves the responsibility of birth control solely in the hands of the woman. I WANT every woman who has the momentary lapse of judgement which causes her to allow me to touch her naughty bits to have access to cheap, possibly even free, birth control at her convenience.

My right to FEEL like a powerful, woman-impregnating rapist, without actually having to BECOME a powerful, woman-impregnating rapist demands that all women have cheap or free access to reliable, safe birth control.

So, when you tell a woman that she needs to keep her legs closed if she can't afford to pay for birth control, you aren't just telling women what they can and can't do, you're also telling men what they can and can't do. And, considering that I haven't had sex in six years, I'm of the mindset that society should be promoting more sex, not less.

I'd say that Conservatives can go fuck themselves, but they'd probably try to outlaw that, if they could!

Have fun and keep living life... and try to have an interesting sex life.

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