Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Scottish Fiction

Shirley Manson makes me want to visit Scotland
I should probably be reading right now, instead of writing this post. However, this is ME we're talking about, and when in the history of ever have I actually done the things that I'm SUPPOSED to do in a timely fashion?

Thankfully, I received my financial aid money this morning. The timing couldn't have been better, as my bank account only had about $2.80 as of last night. Before heading to school this morning, I went online and got my bills caught up, which consumed around $700 of my money in a few minutes. By now, though, I'm rather accustomed to this twice yearly routine, as I always end up letting my bills fall by the wayside for a few months as I survive on a steady diet of macaroni and cheese until my next hit of economic prosperity arrives such that I might eat like a normal person until the end of the next semester.

Today's class load wasn't too bad, as I only had to deal with Great Works of Western Literature and my Behavioral Psych Lab. I also got to have lunch with my friend Johnnie, which was nice. We had the opportunity to trade stories about our hot professors. Apparently, we both got lucky this semester. My literature professor is hot in that academic sense I mentioned previously. She is likely in her early 40s, with long brown hair, and a slim physique. Usually, I don't prefer skinny women, as I've always liked boobs and butts. Unless a woman is literally "tits on a stick", as they say, thin ladies just don't have an abundance of things for my hands to play with. That said, Ex was thin, as a dancer, and I found things about her body that I enjoyed.

The reason I added a photo of Shirley Manson, lead singer of my favorite rock band, Garbage, to this post is because both she and my professor are thin, beautiful, and Scottish. While my professor's brogue (can the Scottish accent be called a "brogue", or is that only for the Irish accent?) isn't as deep as Shirley Manson's, it definitely helps propel her sex appeal up a few notches. I should mention, though, that for all my arousal, I can't see myself attempting to cross that student-professor divide. For one thing, I always want to have more money than the women that I'm courting, which I obviously do not. And, for another thing, I'm so bad at sex that I can actually envision my grades dropping as a result of sleeping with a professor! Either way, it seems horribly ill-advised to pursue this line of thought further.

As to the actual content of the course, MANY trees died to give their lives to the books I'm going to be required to read during the semester. Hopefully, their lives will not have been lost in vain!

What the hell was I thinking taking all of these courses at once?

Have fun, and keep living life... but try to keep your pants on!

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