Friday, May 20, 2011


I'm pretty sure that never happened
The last week or so has been filled with a vast expanse of nothing as I've stayed at home and watched online videos and read articles about how much the world, or at least the US, sucks right now. While I have absolutely no expectation that the Rapture will occur this weekend, despite the assertions of some right wing lunatics to the contrary, with all of the reports of Conservatives taking away people's collective bargaining rights, voting rights, and rights to entitlements around the country I can sort of see why some might be waiting in anticipation for such an event. I'm guessing Jesus offers a better universal healthcare plan than the US!

On the plus side, I finally received some emails from the good Doctor about starting research. His group of around ten research undergraduates, including myself, will meet up with him next Monday, assuming the world hasn't ended, to discuss our various work assignments. Because he has so many students working with him, the Doctor is dividing us among several different research projects. We will have a weekly meeting for all the groups to talk and update one another on the work being done by everyone. I am part of a group that will be doing some literature review work about geriatrics and social psychology. Right now, things are sort of vague, but the meetings on Monday should clarify what we are supposed to research. My group is working under the Doctor's graduate student in cooperation with a research group in Surrey, England.

It will be interesting to finally start doing research. Doing literature reviews is right down my alley, as I've mentioned that I'm really more interested in learning about what others have done than actually performing my own research and communicating my findings. An online discussion I had earlier in the week on a video game forum helped me realize that I am very much a voyeur when it comes to life. I rarely enjoy doing things as much as I enjoy watching other people do those same things. On the one hand, this seems depressing that I don't get much pleasure out of my own experiences. However, on the other hand, it seems like the sort of personality trait which would make me a very good psychologist. Rather than engage in risky behaviors myself, which I probably wouldn't enjoy anyway, I can sit back and observe other people do bizarre things and then question them or conduct studies about why they chose the activities and what rewards they received from their actions.

There still has been no communication from the Doctor about whether or not I will be getting any payment for doing research over the summer, and if so, how much. He did suggest, when I initially interviewed with him, that I would get some money to work in his lab during the summer since I am not taking any summer classes. However, I feel like it would be tacky to bring it up with him again, especially through email. Unfortunately, my financial aid money from last semester is starting to dry up, and I could really use any extra money that I could get. I won't be receiving more financial aid money until at least the last full week of August, and it will be a long wait until then if I can't scrounge up some income.

Have fun, and keep living life... Or Some Approximation Thereof.

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